You're a natural Born KQNG. It's time to claim your KQROWN'D.



it's time to claim your kqrown'd



Your Soul is calling out to you.

Do you hear it?

It’s been reaching out to you since the day you were born, imploring you to answer It’s call and remember who you are. Remember what you came here to do. Remember how powerful you really are. Remember that you are the master and manifestor of your own life. Remember how to heal yourself and manifest the life you truly want to live. Remember how to manifest your Heaven on Earth.

Are you ready to stop hiding? Are you ready to stop suppressing your inner voice, your inner truth, buried deep down inside where no one can detect it? Are you burying a deep calling to create the life you dream of living, but feel unsure of how to get started?


I know the life you yearn lo live feels distant and bigger than you feel right now. I know how overwhelming the fear of failure and disappointment is. I know that with each passing day, it feels like your dream keeps slipping further and further away, like you aren't quite sure of how to grasp onto it before it’s too late. But the good news is, none of that has to be true. You can make the decision today to reclaim your power and manifest the life you actually want to live, your Heaven on Earth. I’m here as your Guide. I’m here to help you remove those blocks, those limiting beliefs, those false programs. I’m here to help you release the pain from your past, and free your mind of discouraging and negative thoughts that no longer serve your highest good. They are not your truth. They never were. Your truth is, you are limitless. You have purpose. Your dreams are attached to that purpose. That purpose is attached to your Soul.

Your Soul searches to not only be a channel of Light, but also an embodiment of Light. You were birthed into this life possessing everything you need to not only survive, but thrive! However, environmental, societal, and lifelong conditioning coupled with your interaction with the world at large has caused you to suffer. That suffering caused a diversion, a block that has run into the rivers of your life, streaming in all directions. No matter how you came to your pain and suffering, the way back home is crystal clear. You must remember who you really are. You must look into the Divine Mirror of yourself and see. You must see yourself as you truly are, to then see yourself as Source intends you to be. You cannot begin a journey back to a self you do not recall. You must rebuild that memory of your Divine Higher Self by peeling away the images of falsehood you have gained throughout your lifetime of conditioning and suffering.

This guided healing and coaching technique combines Quantum Healing with a Life Coaching method that not only pinpoints the six pillars (**6 Month Healing Packages only) known as the foundations of the human experience, which interact with your Soul’s everyday experience engaged in life, but also attunes you to your Divine Self and all of the God-given healing and manifestation powers aching to be unleashed from within. Through these focuses, you will see who you are, who you are meant to be, and how to restore yourself to a state of Divine being, as intended by your Creator. Only then can you begin to move into the embodiment of Light, which means you are never separated from it through thought, ego, or suffering. To be an embodiment of Light is to remain in your light of your Divine love for Self despite any suffering you may endure in life. It is to have the Light of God, Source, Universe, Nature, The Great Invisible Spirit within you, housed within your Soul at all times. The Divine spark has been within you all along, but you must make room to really absorb the messages in the Light by removing that which does not belong there.

This is Healing & Manifesting +. It will guide you, inspire you, keep you on track and uncover the mysteries of Y.O.U. (Your Own Understanding) through structured monthly in-depth questioning, healing, and coaching sessions so that you may release yourself from the ideas and doubts about yourself, and walk the path that makes you happy without all the extra noise & dense energy from your past (including the essence of fear lingering from subconscious memories of your past lives).

You have always had a Divine spark. This healing and coaching will help give that Light a home within you so that you remain an embodiment of the message and Light of the Universe. So that you may wake up every day filled with the embodiment of love for self and Source, without the feeling that something is missing or wrong.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And ask the Light within, “What message does The Universe have for me?” Then, be silent and listen to Its message for you. And once you’re ready, schedule your first appointment to begin this work. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is perseverance toward a goal despite it! You are worth 6 months of focus on YOU. This spiritual journey and healing simply requires you be committed to loving yourself enough to do the work. This work is transformative!

Only 7 at a time will have this opportunity!

From My Heart to Yours, Sheshena

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