You're a natural Born KQNG. It's time to claim your KQROWN'D.

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Welcome to the Born KQNG Blog by Inked Queen!


"You're a natural Born KQNG who rules everything underneath your crown. It's called your thrown." 
- Inked Queen
Hello KQNGS!!!
Welcome to Born KQNG Blog by Inked Queen. Last week I introduced you to my new apparel line - KQROWN'D Apparel. So first and foremost, thank all of you KQNGS for all of the love, hate, feedback, criticism, and critiques so far. I not only appreciate all of the support, but respect all of the feedback and will apply it accordingly to continuously shape KQROWN'D Apparel into a brand that represents and reflects the most beautiful blessings this world has to offer:
However, when I decided to launch KQROWN'D, I wanted to give the apparel and art the chance to speak for themselves before weighing them down with words and meaning. Now that they've been speaking for themselves for a full week, it's time to add my voice to the mix and formally introduce KQROWN'D Apparel to the world.
To explain the inspiration behind KQROWN'D, I have to start out with a confession or two (no surprise to any of you KQNGS who have read Queen Diaries). My baby sis (Queen Sis @theywanttaty and @tatyapparel) made the suggestion during a routine call to remind me of the gazillion To-Do's remaining on my wedding list (that's confession #1, KQNGS...may have forgotten to share an engagement post back in June when my King gave me the 💍):
Queen Sis: If you wanna make some extra money for the wedding, we can collab on a hoodie line. Since you just started drawing, we can use graphics of your characters.
Inked Queen: Let me think on it and get back to you with some ideas.
That leads me to confession #2, KQNGS: I just started drawing a few months ago (exactly 3 months ago to be exact...started with King Rich Graysonn's Udemy course - How To Draw and Sketch For Absolute Beginners on June 11, 2020 and continuously sketched every second my hands were free since then). Truth be told, I decided to learn how to draw because I want to get into animation and create my own cartoons and comics (my first love will always be storytelling, KQNGS 🤓). However, after my sister's call, my mind began racing with the first idea seeds to get dropped into the soil that rooted the birth of KQROWN'D Apparel.
My initial animation ambition involved caricatures, so by the time of Queen Sis' call, I was beginning to get comfortable with drawing people and getting my pencil wet with the art of caricatures. So, my natural trajection was to use graphics of people for this collaboration. However, when I started brainstorming ideas, it culminated into an unwavering desire to reflect the world as I have learned to view it since I claimed my own crown during my personal journey towards self-love and self-worth. And that's when a series of light bulbs began illuminating behind my eyes, culminating to the birth of KQROWN'D Apparel - BORN KQNG.
We spend so much time waiting and yearning for our significant others, loved ones, and the rest of the world to treat and value us to the degree we deem fit, even though we often fail to hold ourselves to that esteem. One of the most pivotal moments in my life was the moment I realized I needed to stop waiting for others to treat me like the Queen I am...and start treating myself like a Queen first. The moment I claimed my crown, not only did those around me acknowledge it as well, but I was better able to see their crowns too. And the true beauty of the world and each and every King and Queen who inhabit it become mesmerizingly clear to me. THAT'S what I wanted to reflect through KQROWN'D Apparel.
Each and every person reading this message (as well as those who will never see this) are natural BORN KQNGS. You are beautiful just the way you are and should celebrate and elevate yourself to the highest thrown you can reach. Treat yourself like a KQNG first, and the rest of the world will follow.
- Inked Queen

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