You're a natural Born KQNG. It's time to claim your KQROWN'D.

KQROWN’D Apparel’s Exclusive Sportswear Collection

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said John Keats. Taking this philosophy of thought further is the Fashion House of KQROWN’D Apparel that holds on to the belief that quality should never be compromised with when it comes to fashion.

Committed to bringing together the two things that have always brought humans joy - fashion and art - KQROWN’D Apparel is on a mission to combine original art with quality design, clothing, and apparel in order to provide people with versatile styles that are durable and timeless.

Our exclusive sportswear collection is a joyful celebration of humanity, its beauty, quirks, flaws, and all. Featuring everything from track pants, tank tops, yoga shorts and track jackets to sports bras and scarves in our various collections such as the Masked Queen Edition, the Logo Pattern Edition, the Low-rider Queen Edition, King Durag & Grillz Edition, we are truly bringing about a change in the fashion scene with our bold and innovative designs.

Deriving our name from an amalgamation of the words ‘King’, ‘Queen’, and ‘Crown’, KROWN’D Apparel was born to remind people to treat themselves like KQNGs. With the mantra, “You are a natural BORN KQNG”, we promote the idea that you should treat yourself like a KQNG first instead of waiting for others to treat you like the royalty that you are, and each item of our is designed with that wonderful thought in mind.

Founded by a creative artist, designer, and screenwriter, Sheshena “Inked Queen” Pledger, this amazing brand was born out of her own inspiring journey of realizing her self-worth and learning self-acceptance and self-love. A firm believer of the notion that love makes the world go round, she made up her mind to promote and spread her message of self-love throughout the world with her clothing and apparel line featuring the most inspiring positive and affirmative imagery, that is reflective of the world as inked Queen sees it- a place of harmony and love, where everyone struts wearing their crowns with pride and confidence and treats themselves like Born KQNGs.

 In the words of Inked Queen herself- "You're a natural Born KQNG who rules everything underneath your crown. It's called you're thrown."

This visionary artist and designer aim to shape KQROWN’D Apparel into a brand that represents and reflects the most beautiful blessings the world has to offer. In fact, the origins of KROWN’D Apparel makes for a rather interesting story. It all started with Inked Queen’s engagement to her King back in June. On a routine call with her sister, a designer herself, while going through the various things on Inked Queen’s wedding to-do list, her baby sister came up with the brilliant idea of collaborating on a special line of hoodies featuring Inked Queen’s amazing original artwork.

Thus, began the wonderful journey of creating an inspiring brand that is KROWN’D Apparel.  Here is the epiphany that prompted Inked Queen to help others on their journey of self-acceptance and self-love:

“We spend so much time waiting and yearning for our significant others loved ones, and the rest of the world to treat and value us to the degree we deem fit, even though we often fail to hold ourselves to that esteem. One of the most pivotal moments in my life was the moment I realized I needed to stop waiting for others to treat me like the Queen I am...and start treating myself like a Queen first. The moment I claimed my crown, not only did those around me acknowledge it as well, but I was better able to see their crowns too. And the true beauty of the world and each and every King and Queen who inhabit it become mesmerizingly clear to me. THAT'S what I wanted to reflect through KQROWN'D Apparel.

Each and every person reading this message (as well as those who will never see this) are natural BORN KQNGS. You are beautiful just the way you are and should celebrate and elevate yourself to the highest thrown you can reach. Treat yourself like a KQNG first, and the rest of the world will follow.”


KQROWN’D Apparel truly is a magical collaboration, not just of two sisters sharing their creativity, but also of art and fashion that inspires.

So go on, explore our exclusive Sports Collection today to discover a few must have items for your style!

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